On brand event photography that captures the moment.

If you’re looking for an event photographer who’s not afraid to wade into the middle of a dance floor with a fish-eye lens to get the perfect shot, you’re in the right place.

We take your brief and understand what images you need from your event and how you want to use them to promote your brand or business. Then we make sure we capture the right moments that tell your story.

We’re pros at blending into the crowd and capturing candid moments of people having a blast interacting with your brand. We’re also comfortable being loud when we need to be, to capture people’s attention and get that necessary shot (especially when we’re competing with every man and his dog holding a smartphone).

When we’re on event shoots, there’s no parading around — Chaz will slip in, get the images you need and sort it — job done.

Need live editing to publish straight away? No drama.


Just let us know if you’re hoping to publish photos from your conference or function throughout the day.

Chaz is happy to edit images live on-site for you, so you waste no time in sharing the best pics of the day with your community and make them wish they were there.