Commercial Photographer • IT geek • Left handed • Loves shooting film • Plays drums • Little bit northern…

As a self-confessed IT geek, my journey into commercial photography has been anything but conventional… a bit like me, really.

I spent the first 20 years of my professional career in the tech and software space, consulting with companies like Apple and the BBC. I was always working with image departments and was obsessed with the technical potential for photos. I worked closely with photographers and was involved in getting images in fast, processing and manipulating images, and making sure they were print and newspaper ready as required. I knew what an image had to be to work for the story, and I knew, technically, how to push it there.

That love of imagery and tech-first attitude is how I now approach commercial photography, and what The Plastic Goldfish Company was born from. My camera is a piece of tech, and I love pushing it, and the rest of my kit, to their absolute limits, especially in challenging shoot locations, to capture something amazing — it’s my playground.

I also know that, just like us, your images have a job to do. I shoot to brief and ensure every image I capture serves its purpose for your business, because there’s no point in having a pretty picture if you can’t use it.

These days, I’m lucky enough to be supported by a small operations team who help me keep The Plastic Goldfish ship sailing smoothly, so I can focus on shoots and editing. Primarily shooting in and around Oxfordshire, we believe in a straight-up, no-nonsense approach. We’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and we don’t want to be. But if you want to rock the boat and try something new – then give us a bell and we’ll be excited to sort your business out with some killer images.

the plastic goldfish company


“Chaz has great brand awareness and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to capture a corporate event.”

– Georgina Fell

“Chaz took some amazing pictures which were key in launching our charity campaign.”

– Emma Lumley

“I would recommend Chaz to all my clients and customers 100% of the time.”

– Rob Westell



If you like the sound of the way we work and like the look of our images, then we like the sound of you too! Drop us a message or give us a call and let’s sort out some killer images for your business.