Giving back — our local contribution.

Partnering with Active Oxfordshire, an awesome charity fighting inactivity and tackling inequality.

Through 2022, we have the incredible privilege of working alongside Active Oxfordshire as their photography partner, providing them with professional photography to help spread their message and boost their impact.

Making a difference can be as simple as offering your skills and a few hours of your time for a cause that could really use it.

A charity close to my heart, Active Oxfordshire is a local charity dedicated to fighting inactivity and challenging inequality. They work through partners to improve access to physical activity, break down the complex barriers that can prevent people from getting active and work through local communities to achieve lasting change. They are passionate about making sure that every adult and child in Oxfordshire has the same opportunities to get active and change their lives.

“Good photography that is current and interactive can help us tell our story and encapsulate the ethos of Active Oxfordshire instantly in a way words can’t.”

– Helen Mariner

To be involved in their journey — able to come in, shoot and bring to life the incredible work they do is amazing. Hearing the impact the photos have had for generating interest in Active Oxfordshire’s programmes makes it 100% worthwhile.

“Chaz is just amazing – friendly, personable and puts everyone at ease and the photos he’s produced are stunning. I can’t recommend Chaz highly enough – we greatly appreciate his support and look forward to working with him for many years to come!!”

– Helen Mariner

Are you an Oxford-based business wanting to make a difference?

If you’re happy to share your skills and are looking for charities who could benefit from your services, or if you’re a charity in need of a hand — take a look at the ROBIN Network and join the group on LinkedIn.